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There are many web site hosting providers in India. It gets difficult to select any one of all these. is the site where one can get to know several aspects of best web hosting reviews. We provide you with information about the most reliable hosting providers reviews. Our visitors can also rate the web hosting companies on reliability, features, costs, upload time and technical supports. Real Hosting Reviews is the best Assistance to select from the Best Web Hosting Companies. Our efficient team has done tons of research and now we have decided to list few companies top web hosting reviews from India. This initiative is to help different people, who are searching for the right hosting provider for them.









Among the top web hosting companies in india , Hostagtor is the best hosting provider in India based on service, speed , servers and cost.  See complete hostgator India reviews and packages here.

What is web hosting

Every one might know about websites. Every person may browse something on internet and see any webpage. Have you ever thought how this websites appear in internet or how to host a website on server ?  For this domain name and web hosting are required. Domain is like a business name and hosting is like business office. For office place you need some area to construct, similarly the web hosting is the place where you host your company website.

There are many sellers of this webspace in India. One has to choose them based on their requirements like what they are going to use the site for , how much traffic they would get( this decides the bandwidth usage). Usually for a small static website just for web presence a cheap web hosting will do the job. Cheapest web hosting in India  would cost under 50 rupees a month. But I suggest to go for affordable web hosting service provider , as they give you good service than the cheapest providers.  There will be lot of restrictions in terms of usage  with these low cost hostings. To get unlimited hosting , one must go for some premium providers like Hostgator or Bluehost.

How to select hosting based on your requirements?

Most of the people don’t know about the server configurations and what they need for their purpose.

                                            Purpose of your website : Package to buy 

Small Static Website with little traffic : Shared Hosting 

Affiliate sites with medium traffic         :    Shared hosting with decent RAM or VPS hosting

Ecommerce site with huge traffic           : Dedicated Server

Windows or Linux

Based on your developer or your web designer choose for either windows or Linux hosting. Usually linux packages come with cpanel, so everything is easy to do. If need any help in installing wordpress or using this , check the free wordpress installation service here. I can help for with this and also get some premium themes for which I have the developers license for free.

Free WordPress Installation Service

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